Allane & Wim | Engagement


21 Oct Allane & Wim | Engagement

I met these two a few weeks back on your farm for a special weekend of venue viewing (YES they’re having their wedding here at Bordeaux Game Farm) and to top that we ended up doing their engagement session! I don’t I say this a lot, of maybe I do, but wow I just got the most prettiest brides ever, how gorgeous isn’t Allane with her blonde hair and blue eyes, and all she have is eyes for Wim her future husband.  Thank you both for coming to visit us, we enjoyed this afternoon with you and we wish you lots of frames with these pictures in Tanzania.  See January for the wedding of the year!

Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_022 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_021 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_020 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_019 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_018 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_017 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_016 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_014 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_013 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_012 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_011 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_010 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_009 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_007 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_006 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_005 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_004 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_003 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_002 Louise-Vorster-Photography_WimAllane_001

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